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Old 10-11-2007, 09:20 AM
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Default CoreUI 3.0 1.4n GU5

CoreUI3 r1.4
by Nadger

Please use this thread for all discussion and bug reports for CoreUI3.

Known Issues

  • Missing Items label in Crafting Recipies window is buggy, I can not fix it because im using it in a way it was not intended to be used
  • +- buttons in Layout mode dont save when you log out. I can not fix this, its something you'll have to ask sony for. /bug them asking them to fix the /uiwinscale command so it saves.
  • In both crafting windows sometimes the actions can appear in the wrong column. Nothing I can do about this, normally caused when the user mouses over several steps very quickly and the UI cant keep up.
  • In flash craft the button flashes and the tooltip window flashes while the cooldown is going. This was a necessary evil to get flashcraft to work the way it does.
  • Stance Changing Mainbar will not save its state. Nothing I can do about this unless sony fixes it.
  • If you place things near the edge of the screen or off the edge of the screen they will be moved when you log out and back in. There is nothing I can do to fix this. Its a SOE feature so you cant loose UI elements of the screen.
  • While using flashcraft, the text levels for fair, moderate, excellent etc are behind the icons. I can not fix this and maintain how little mouse movement flash craft requires. I suggest you switch to flow if this bothers you.
  • Quests get duplicated when you manually track them after using the sort buttons. Sort and manual track dont play nice together.


The encounter list is only displaying 1 mob when im fighting 2! Help!
Yes, your current target is not listed in the encounter list due to performance reasons. If you are fighting 3 mobs, and you have one targeted, the 2 you dont have targeted will be listed in the encounter list while the one you have targeted is listed in the HUD.


I am running Vista and when I try and extract the CoreUI3 files it gives me a warning about potentialy harmful files.

This is the default behaviour of Vista when it encounters unsigned .exe files. There is no virus or malware in the zip file. Right-clicking of the .zip file, and choose Properties. On the General tab, click on the Unblock button, and then Apply and OK. Then extract the files.

Can I map so and so hotbar to so and so key on my keyboard?
They can be mapped by using the user.ini file but sony only allows 175 key bind limit. Currently in CoreUI all are being used.


Is there an icon that shows when I'm in an outpost?
Is there an icon that shows when I have mail?
Is there an icon that shows what the loot options are?
All of these are next to your name in the group hud.

Do I have to use a G15 Keyboard or Nostromo N52 to use this mod?
No, those are input devices that give more options than a normal keyboard. This UI just allows for those additional keys.

Why does my recall button disappear or add itself to my main hotbar?
Blame Sony. It's a known problem and no way around it. You can either re-drag it out each time or make a macro:/cast "Recall to House" If your main hotbar is full it won't get added there.

Can the map have vertical and horizontal scrollbars?
So far that's not been possible. Only Vertical and even then there were glitches that made it not usable.


I resize using /uiwinscale, save the layout, and the next time i login none of the sizes have saved... what gives?
It's not possible. One more Sony flaw. In order to use /uiwinscale you have to change it in the xml. Otherwise changing it in game is only temporary.

Where is...
mounts, bags, hidebars, vertical/horizontal bars, (add the rest)
Click on the toolbar for CoreUI options and click "On" next to the desired window

Can you add...
I'm always open for suggestions. Currently I'm in the process of doing an offline solution that allows the end user to choose what they wanted added or changed in their UI. This allows for more choices but not a bloated UI.

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