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Old 01-13-2010, 06:09 PM
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Default Game Update - Wednesday January 13th, 2024

Happy Anniversary Vanguard!

Visit the Historian of Telon in New Targonor, Ahgram, or Tawar Galan to receive a special anniversary gift package!

  • Added exp numbers to the exp bar. You must turn them on in the interface settings to see them.
  • Added a stats tab to the character sheet, next to attributes.
  • Fixed a crash related to merchants.
  • /itemuse will now work on items that are equipped.
  • Faction costs that increased due to the increased faction gains should now be back to their normal amounts.
  • Pets will no-longer try to attack non-attackable npcs.
  • Abilities and items that increase your proc chance will now increase your proc on heal chance also.
  • The /wear command now allows you to specify 2 slots if you're wearing the same item in both slots. Example: /wear "my ring" LEFTFINGER RIGHTFINGER. If you have 2 of "my ring" it will put one in each slot.
  • /remove will now allow you to specify a slot you want to remove the item from instead of an item name. Example: You can now /remove "primary hand" to unequip your primary weapon.
  • /equip will now search your bags for items to equip before searching your equipped inventory. This means that you can now /equip 2 items of the same name without problems.
  • Fix for a bug that made your pet attack you if you put it in guard mode and used an ability on an NPC that couldn't fight back.
  • New Artisan Saga quests are available. Visit your crafting contacts the Banisher Commander Ashlyn Blackshield in New Targonor, Lulu Hikat in Ahgram, and Kedara the Fiend Hunter in Tawar Galan in that order and as directed.
  • Many of the repair and rigging tools were using icons similar to other tools. These have been updated so the tools can be told apart at a glance.
  • The paladin 2h epic now counts as a shield properly when checking if you can use paladin shield buffs.
  • Players can now send housing trophies to the owner’s escrow by right clicking on it, if they have the permissions to do so. You can adjust this in the edit permissions window.
  • Diplomacy items will no longer auto-equip into diplomacy clothing. You can still put the items there, but they won't loot into those slots on their own.
  • Fixed a bug that was causing stealth to be removed after combat for some players.
  • COTH Spells will work in Pantheon again.
  • Fire Pummel now works again.
  • Mindspys Persist through camping now.
  • ‘Proc on Heal’ effects now work when healing someone other than yourself.
  • Fixed following issues with Karax Woefather that made the encounter trivial.
  • Fixed issue where obsessed wraith would do nothing when spawned and was an invalid target
  • Fixed issue where unchained acolyte would not attack and could not be targeted
  • Fixed issue where unchained keeper would not attack and could not be targeted
  • Fixed issue where unchained ghast would not attack and could not be targeted
  • Fixed issue with lit panels not using abilities
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