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Interface Information
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Name: GrimUI
Date: 05-31-2007 06:25 PM
Size: 326.43 Kb
Version: 4_21
Rate Addon: 4 out of 5 with 2 votes  
UPDATE 5-31-07 -
* Migrated to this site.

* Fixed the weaknesses not showing up.
* some minor cosmetics to the quest status tracker ( added title bar, minimize button , background color, and a toggle )
* removed some redundant information from the top bar.

* Fixed the bug with having a pet up causing damage updates from stopping
* Added a toggle button for the quick bar hotkey bank. (the map, quest, etc box )
* Combat Hotkeys will now disable / enable when you click the toggle. The ring only shows up in combat.
* Removed duplicate invite button at the top.
* minor layout changes to the info bar.
* Added in a toggle button for the Weapon Box.
* Made the UI compatible with the map mods.
* MINI GROUP WINDOW IS STILL DISABLED. working on a fix still.

* Update to temp fix the group window lag, it appears to be caused by the group mini window, Disabled the window till i can figure it out.
* Added level to the main target window.
* Made the invite and leave buttons on the group window persistent.
* (Due to popular request) By Default the combathotkey ring is disabled. To enable it uncomment from the index.xml.
* mostly fixed things broken from patches..

* Added in the Group Invite Pop-Up window box.

* Ok I think I have Fixed the Encounter window the rest of the way (attached abilities)
* Fixed the Forms window.

* Fixed Encounter window, to be up to date.

* Color Coded the buff windows Blue for buffs Red for Debuffs
* Added in progressive forms, didn't realize they were missing.
* Some minor coding tweaks to the buffs window.
* Modified the loot window, Moved the LootAll button to the top and everything else down a little to compensate.

* removed the old VGUIGroupLootOptions window. the fix I had in there is no longer needed, and was out of date.
* some minor tweaks, mostly layout wise in the xml files. Removed some of the out of date settings.

* Due to some requests, I have added in the son/weapon box from Nadger's UI (thanks for the help Nadger in supplying this window)

*Fixed a layout Issue on the main bar, had some text overlapping.
* I think i got the last of the windows that went transparent when coming back from layout mode.
* Added Pet status in, didn't realize it was missing. its now in and movable.

* Fixed the bug with windows going transparent after going into layout mode. (let me know if this is still happening for any window)
* added in a Floating Combat hotkey ring. default shows up in combat. Can disable the auto in combat setting in the xml. there is a comment set on how.
* added a toggle button for the combat ring.

Combat Ring NOTES:NOTE: IF you want to Map these to Hotkeys on your Keyboard.
Open your User.ini file located in the bin folder.

Find Aliases[109]

Change this Aliases 109 -116 to look like this:
NOTE: You can use any unbound aliases, I think 109 is the first one by default.


Aliases[109]=(Command="SGOUI HOTKEY 1 m_ref_combat1",Alias="CombatHotkey01")
Aliases[110]=(Command="SGOUI HOTKEY 1 m_ref_combat2",Alias="CombatHotkey02")
Aliases[111]=(Command="SGOUI HOTKEY 1 m_ref_combat3",Alias="CombatHotkey03")
Aliases[112]=(Command="SGOUI HOTKEY 1 m_ref_combat4",Alias="CombatHotkey04")
Aliases[113]=(Command="SGOUI HOTKEY 1 m_ref_combat5",Alias="CombatHotkey05")
Aliases[114]=(Command="SGOUI HOTKEY 1 m_ref_combat6",Alias="CombatHotkey06")
Aliases[115]=(Command="SGOUI HOTKEY 1 m_ref_combat7",Alias="CombatHotkey07")
Aliases[116]=(Command="SGOUI HOTKEY 1 m_ref_combat8",Alias="CombatHotkey08")

Now You should have some more bindable hot key slots in your controls settings, at the bottom of the list.
These will be for your combat ring, with number 1 being the top slot, and continuing clockwise.

If you do not want to use the CombatHotkeys, you can just remove it from the index.xml file


* Separated the attached abilities for the main target window, it's now its own window, that you can move around in layout mode.
*Added a Red border around the player window that shows up while in combat. Screen shot below


* Added invite and leave buttons to the group window.
* added clickablity to the compass clicking will now execute /loc
* moved the duration on the buff window to the left side, and fixed spacing some so more will fit on screen vertically.

My original UI mod was a mod of Luno's bar, then later I picked up Parmon's Boxed Interface, and have been using that as my base for any changes.

Most of the coding for my windows was done using one of those 2 other people's windows as a base, occasionally I would use one from the default folder, and make it all my own.

The graphics are either from Parmon's Boxed.tga, the default parts from the game, or my own tga. The bars i use were originally from an old ui file already in the game, the casting bar picture is one i took as a screen shot of a light in Hathor Zhi, then edited it out with The Gimp.

My background images for all the windows were taken by making a blank window with a background and "frameall" then i changed some of the coloring, and chopped and arranged some boarders for the defensive target window. About the only original graphic I made was the casting fill bars.

I also incorporated the mini healer bar, and buff window I had previously worked on.

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4 out of 5 with 2 votes
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Old 07-15-2007, 01:57 AM  
Sleepless Sentry
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 142
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Re: Quest box

Anyway - to the query - in the latest version you added background etc. to the quest box. I much prefer to have the default one as I can see the text of the quests and see what's going on behind - how would I keep the default in place?
in the index.xml file

remove the <!-- and -->
from this line
<!-- <Window filename="VGUIQuestStatus.xml"/>-->

and further down remove the line
<Window filename="QuestStatus.xml"/>

That will give back the de fault.
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Old 07-02-2007, 03:47 PM  
Junior Member

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Quest box


Thanks so much for your UI, I have been using it since the early days of GrimUI

Anyway - to the query - in the latest version you added background etc. to the quest box. I much prefer to have the default one as I can see the text of the quests and see what's going on behind - how would I keep the default in place?

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