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Category: Complete SetsEverquest II UI for Vanguard
Interface Information
How do I install this? (FAQ)
Name: Everquest II UI for Vanguard   Popular!
Date: 05-31-2007 05:40 AM
Size: 460.01 Kb
Version: 1.1.2
Rate Addon: 5 out of 5 with 3 votes  
Patch & Add-on List
File Name
478.44 Kb
09-22-2007 11:18 AM
Everquest II UI port for Vanguard

Please note: This interface is not currently supported. If you wish to take over development of this UI, send me a PM!

Current Version: 1.1.2
Compatible with the March 7th 07 patch (Game Update #1)

This is a port of the Everquest II ui for Vanguard. It uses a mix of (what I hope) are the best of both UIs. I have also included some extra goodies to make life that little easier in Telon ^^

The style of the UI is minimalistic, but still nice to look at.

This first release, is mainly a focus on the HUD and combat windows.

Feature List
  • Much improved Quest Log and Quest Tracker, with level/sphere and con (thanks to Parmon for his work on this).
  • Smaller and Semi-transparent tooltips.
  • Skinned to the Everquest II look (this is still a work in progress).
  • VG button (just like the EQ2 button) to access major game windows.
  • Smaller hotkey, buff & bag icons.
  • 4 Optional Group layouts.
  • 4 Optional buff and debuff layouts.
  • Choose between Classic and new Infinity UnitFrame looks.
  • Healer Helper for easier tracking of health bars in fight.
  • Helper windows, including mount helper, ranged helper, duel wield helper and crafting helper!
  • Choice of 5 xp bars - one for each sphere, and a dynamic one which changes depending on what you are doing.
  • Basic Clock window.
  • Casting bars locked. Can be moved easily in layout mode.
  • Event Text (the text in the middle of the screen) can be moved in layout mode.
  • EQ2 Conc bar acts as the Jin bar.
  • Includes VGInfoPanel, a minimalistic panel mod with several small info windows to help de-clutter your ui.
  • Support for the Map Standard.

How do I Install?
  1. Open up your Vanguard install folder (default: C:\Program Files\Sony\Vanguard).
  2. Open the bin folder, and find vgclient.ini. If you can't find this file, you will need to log fully into the game, then exit. The file should then have been created.
    If you still can't find it, check in C:\Documents and Settings\<yourname>\bin, it might be put there if it can't put it in Vanguard folder..
  3. Open vgclient.ini and search for [UI] and below it change ShellName=Default to ShellName=EQ2Mode
  4. Save the file and exit.
  5. Download the zip file, and copy the folder EQ2Mode inside to VGUIAssets\Shells in your Vanguard install folder.
  6. Boot up the game and enjoy.

Quick Tips
  • You can right click the VG button to change where the popup menu appears.
  • Goto Main Menu > EQII Options, and tick Unlock Windows to move all the windows around. Note: Some windows can still be moved without this (usually non combat ones).
  • Right clicking the bag icons, will open them all.

Future Updates
  • In the process of remaking the Quest list, to function similar to a mod called Monkey Quest in WoW.
  • Tidy up clock window.
  • Option for offensive target buffs to fold upwards.
  • Button to hide the useless maintainded buffs window.
  • Skin casting bars.
  • Skin tab graphics.
  • Fully reskin all dialogs (this may take a while), and isnt top priority.
  • More layouts for group and buff windows.
  • Tidy up money window.
  • Split Reaction window into Chains, Defence, Counter.
  • Different layouts for Forms window.
  • Bard Helper - show current playing song.
  • Diplomacy Helper. quick button to show/hide strategy, and other stuff.
  • Inflight abilitys for Group and Offensive windows. Currently these are disabled.
  • Locking/Unlocking individual windows. After doing some research this is possible, but its a bit fiddly. Going to look into it more.

March 10 2024 (Version 1.1.2)
  • Fixed the Event Display Text (stuff that appears when you go into a new zone etc). Side effect of this, is its no longer movable. This may return to be movable in the future if I can get it to work again.
  • Added a mail icon to VGInfoPanel thanks to Nadger.
  • Added a new quest log and quest tracker, thanks to Parmon. I have made the following additional tweaks from his original code:
    1. Quest tracker is resizable so you can show more quests.
    2. Difficulty names in the quest tracker.
    3. Levels are color coded by sphere. Yellow = Adventuring, Blue = Crafting, Purple = Diplomacy.
    4. Fixed the quest tracker so long names that wrap on 2 lines don't overlap the status text.
  • Probably some other stuff i've forgotten.
Feb 22 2024 (Version 1.1.1)
  • Bank coin dragging FIXED. Thanks to Aldures for helping me fix this! This should now work for both the EQ2 money bar and VGInfoPanel money bar. PvP'ers rejoice and join me in dancing around the room for a bit. Finally I got my 6s out of my bank (lol).
  • Added a 3x3 hotbar, at a request from one of my friends, Draig You can access this from the main EQ2 options panel.
  • Added Agathorn's Work order window. This is a great improvement over the default window. Thanks Agathorn for allowing me to include it
  • Big thanks to Fenriswolf (infineum - Die schwarze Schar), for the Quest window. They have made the quest window horizontal, so its much easier to read. Also apologies for not including it sooner, its been almost 2 weeks :s
  • Offensive target debuffs & weakness have been put into its own window. This means you can position them where you like, seperate to the target window.
Feb 09 2024 (Version 1.1.0)
  • Player Name offset when your the leader has been fixed.
  • Group Window added for the new Infinity Skin!
  • New Healers Helper!!11 Easier tracking of health those bars. Credit goes to Grimm/Drox, who both put this in their UI before me.
  • Tweaked a few of the colors of the Infinity bars, including the background for Endurance and Mana.
Feb 08 2024 (Version 1.0.7)
  • 2 Offensive Target windows should no longer appear to new users. Those of you which already seem them, please go into the EQ2 Options via the main menu, and turn off one of them under either Classic HUD, or Infinity HUD.
  • There is no longer 2 Progression windows!
  • Moved GOLDEN marker below the lvl, and simply displays a yellow G. This will be changed to a padlock in a future update.
  • GOLDEN marker no longer shows all the time.
Feb 08 2024 (Version 1.0.6)
  • Bags fixed
  • Added some new HUD options, named Infinity. These include new Player Status, Defensive target & Offensive target windows. Group versions to come soon. You can access these from the Control Panel.
Feb 06 2024 (Version 1.0.4)
  • VGInfoPanel updated to 1.0.5.
  • Made the Bag windows smaller. For those who prefer the large windows, don't fret. I'm planning on making bag window mods optional addons.
  • A few fixes for today's patch.
Feb 06 2024 (Version 1.0.3)
  • Updated VGInfoPanel to version 1.0.4. This update includes many stat windows, current loot info and a fix for the bottom backgrounds. Note everyones Backgrounds will have been reset in this update (the top ones as well). If the bottom bar doesn't appear when you first login, restarting the game will make this appear again.
  • VGInfoPanel backgrounds are now movable. This is not ideal, but the only way they work without being buggy.
  • Changed Experience windows in VGInfoPanel to include proper raw xp values for adventuring and crafting. Other obselete (and not functional) xp windows have been removed.
  • Made some targetting tweaks to the encounter window and group window. There was some small spaces where targetting wouldn't work.
  • Added % to the experience bars.
  • Changed back the Defensive and Offensive target windows to be movable only in layout mode.
  • Renamed Combat tab to Classic HUD.
Feb 01 2024 (Version 1.0.1)
  • Helpers no longer close on relog or pressing escape!
  • Descriptions added back into the ability tooltip.
  • Event Text window made large. Text was being clipped and sometimes not showing before.
  • Player Window has been set as moveable only during layout mode.
  • Offensive and Defensive windows have been set as movable ANY time.
  • Social window has been pieced backed together. After feedback this was just a pain having it split up like EQ2. Guild tab is still the main focus. I hope one day that we can open to a certain tab, this is not possible atm.
  • Clock added to VGInfoPanel! This is a 24 hour clock for now, but I plan to add a 12 hour later.
  • Fixed a bug in the Intro window. Sorry this will mean it will popup for everyone once more (but will stay like that till a major update).

Credit should goto many of the previous Authors that have released mods before me. This includes Drox, Parmon and Nadger, whos ideas and UI mods have certainly helped me make this what it is right now. Thanks

Also thankyou, to everyone whos given me feedback on this UI and others i've made. It all really helps, and is very much appreciated!
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5 out of 5 with 3 votes
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Last Modified: 05-31-2007 05:43 AM by Ryuno    

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Old 05-29-2008, 09:47 AM  
Junior Member

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Not that I imagine many people are still using this with the popular ones bring so much in demand. But I prefer this one and have started to update it. If you are still using it or wanting to. Could you please list what problems this UI has.

I am just starting playing again and am unsure what all needs updating. So far the only things I have changed are the quest window and added infomap.
SiliconeClone is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Old 08-18-2007, 07:12 PM  
Junior Member

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Actually was wondering the same thing. If an update was comming or since GU2 this UI will be dropped since some items are no longer working.
Bronwynn is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Old 08-06-2007, 08:24 PM  
Junior Member

Forum posts: 0
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Exclamation Still alive?

I was just curious if this UI as most, is discontinued, with game uptdate 2 looking to change a number of UI elements. Please let me know if possible, thanks
Shadewalker is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
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