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Category: CompilationsTBird Drox Compilation Setup Version
Interface Information
How do I install this? (FAQ)
Name: TBird Drox Compilation Setup Version
Date: 09-29-2012 12:58 PM
Size: 8.24 MB
Version: 2.4
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09-30-2012 05:45 AM

TBird DroxUI Compilation v2.4 Setup Version
Installation is much more streamlined, please give feedback to make it better!

TBird DroxUI Compilation v2.4 Changes

Not much has changed from 2.3 to 2.4 other than there aretwo versions now, the Setup version and the Manual version. Setup version is for easy installation, seemsthe biggest problems users encounter is putting the folders in the wrong place,so as long as you tell the setup where your Shells folder is (if not defaultFree To Play folders), then it will install correctly.

Presence window from Mini Diplo Cards is not set to off andhas to be toggled on if you want to see it in the that mod.

TBird Drox Setup

A setup program is in the main folder of the UI to changesome functions of the UI such as:

· Choice of crafting windows:

o New Maddy/Core Blendcrafting blending both MaddyCraft and CoreFlashCraft.

o MaddyCraft 2.12

o Default Craftingwindows

· Choice of three styles of Quest/Abilitieswindows.

o Book Style

o Core3UI Style

o Default Style

· Choice of Hotbars (All types, horizontal,main, 12x12, forms, reactions, etc..)

o Original Drox Size(35px)

o Smaller Drox Size(28px)

o Large Drox Size(40px)

· Choice of Buff Windows

o Original Drox BuffWindows

o Smaller Drox BuffWindows

· Choice of Quest Tracker

o Smaller font tracker

o Default

· Choice of GearSwitcher on or off

· Choice of default Drox Graphics or newer graphics

The TBird DroxUI Compilation is now installed in the properfolders for use in Vanguard. You willneed to edit the VGClient.ini file in order to use the UI in game.

TBird Drox Setup

Mixing theelements of two great UI’s, DroxUI and Core3UI. Some customized elements, suchas smaller or larger hotbars, and small buff windows. All options are availableeither in the Control Panel in game and the rest from the included setupprogram.

What the UIcontains:

· DroxUI with all updates to be compatiblewith the latest update (9/19/2012).

· TBird Drox Setup to easily change optionsavailable.

· Commerce Window icon is dragable, and nowsmall SC symbol

· Gap Fix. Some video cards experience gapsin parts of the UI, these are fixed with the updates included.

· New small icon buff windows.

· Infomap 2.5 by Soresha and crew

· MiniCards Diplo UI by Soresha and crew

· GearSwitcher by Soresha and Crew

· Zepheris's Web Window by Zepheris

· CoreUI Emotes button

· CoreUI Merchant Window

· All of the great featurs available inDroxUI such as:

o Group Healer HotBars

o Info windows showingvital stats of your character

o Buff Bar

o Minimul look toavoid screen clutter

o All HUD's reworkedto for a clean minimul look

o and much more....

Setup steps to complete after installation:

The TBird DroxUI Compilation is now installed in the properfolders for use in Vanguard. You willneed to edit the VGClient.ini file in order to use the UI in game.

To prepare your VGClient.ini file for use, open up the filein a text editor such as notepad. Thefile is located in the following folder:

<Defaultinstall folder for Vangaurd Game>\bin

Example would be:

C:\Users\Public\SonyOnline Entertainment\Installed Games\Vanguard\bin

Once open, search for the line that says“Shell=Default”. Yours may showsomething different if it was already setup with a customer UI. Replace it with “Shell=DroxUI”, the foldername of where the UI is stored (default is DroxUI). Once this is done, you can go into the gameand configure your layout.

Your UI in Game

Your screen will be a mess the first time. Major features are selected in the TBird DroxSetup program in your root UI folder, and if you installed the setup versionthere may be an icon on your desktop for it. Once you are in, hit escape and get the game menu up, and select TBirdDrox Settings. Here there are morefeatures you can turn on or off, and in the bottom of the window a check box togo to layout mode. In layout mode youwill see most of the windows and you can move them around as you please.

The first tab in the setting window gives you six slots tosave layouts to, so you can have different ones, or try different ones. There are some presets loaded already, so ifyou have any problems finding a window try loading some different presets.

Resetting Presets

In the UI folder is a folder labeled “User” in there isdefault layouts, and original user.ini files in case you opted not to overwriteyours and you are having any issues.

Game Controllers

To setup G15 or N52 keyboard/controllers please read theReadme.txt file in the DroxUI main folder.

Readmes and Troubleshooting

For ZIP version installation is now in the “README ZipVersion setup and troubleshooting.txt” file, for the setup version it is in “READMESetup Version Additional Notes and Troubleshooting.txt”


Credit for this UI goes out to the many that have helpedover the years:

Drox Forcreating and maintaing the UI till he left Vanguard.
Miggy For the initialwork on the Abilities and Quest journals.
Kilatre For extensivehelp creating and support the N52 hotbar.
Mother9987 For the excellent exampleCompass/Clock mod ported from Jaxel's OCD EQ2 mod.
MadOverlord For the fantastic MaddyCrafting v2.12 Mod
Nadger For his great workon the Core3UI project
Soresha Forthe work on Mini Diplo Cards, Gearswitcher and InfoMap projects
...and many other mod developers for their help and inspiration along the way.

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Unread 10-04-2012, 06:50 AM  
Junior Member
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 9
File comments: 35
Uploads: 16
Did you edit VGClient.ini file in the bin folder with "Shell=DroxUI"? When you ran setup did you have it install to the Vanguard folder?

Just tested it, and I got no crashes.

If you choose layout 1 or 6 the icon (looks like a SC icon) is near the compass at the top of the screen.
tbirdcharlie is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Unread 10-02-2012, 06:13 PM  
Junior Member

Forum posts: 14
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Uploads: 0
Where is the marketplace button, cant seem to find it. When I tried /togglewindow Marketplace it crashes to desktop.
Karnak is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
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