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Change Log
Version 1.5006 < 07-16-2007 @ 3:30 PM EDT >
* Rewrote the entire Pet/Minion Bars, they are now teh sexah
* Added in Bard-Song Hotbar (Turned off by Default)
* Fixed blue infobars.
* Added compass to info bar
* 21 Minor Typos :)
* Changed Crafting Process Window To Always Show Toolbelts
* Updated Map
* Fixed Combo Points Overlapping

Version 1.5001 < Beta Release >
* Added a full attribute data screen, toggle button is in the settings menu.
* Fixed Offensive Target's Current Target
* New settings menu to be more user friendly.
* Fixed Mail Icon From overlapping level
* Added in InfoPanel Support (rwar!)
* Added Healer Bars to the right of group frames
* Moved Distance/Direction To Left
* Fixed Add Targeting Issues, Please report anymore problems to the bug tracker.

Version 1.51 < 06-15-2007 @ 4:00 PM EDT>
* Allowed Casting Bar being moved in layout mode, even when not casting.
* Hopefully fixed buff window bug.
-- I have tested this, over and over again, with 6 different pc's, and cannot find any issues, though I did change a few things.
* Gave Counter-Window name a background color
* Added Vertical Buff Window
* Fixed left hotbars moving.
* 55 Misc XML Errors Fixed (you won't notice it, but the client will)
* Completely fixed hitching issues with FlexBar for certain users. If you still hitch, and don't like it, TURN FLEXBAR OFF!
* Buffs Display with text to the right are now defaulted to not be shown. Enable them in the settings area.
* FlexBar-Combat and FlexBar-Out of Combat are disabled by default now. If you use them, please uncomment them in the Index.xml file.

Version 1.50d
< 5-31-07 @ 8:33 A.M. EST >
* Renamed aX_TargetInFlight Window
* Hopefully Fixed Add-Targets Windows From Having To Click Certain Areas To Target Mob, Now All Areas Should Target It.
* Target's Buff/Debuff window and Weakness window no longer act like one.
* Added Quest Level to Quest Tracker
* Fixed Defensive Target Moving Issues
* Added Mob-Colors back into the system (fyi, I hate this, looks like crap, but for lack of other ways to do it, its there.)
* Added in Percieve Information
* Fixed Settings for Horizontal/Vertical Grouping.
** Melee-DPS: Blue
** Tanks: Brown
** Casters-DPS: Green
** Healers: Red

Version 1.50c < Released Internally >
* Removed options to turn on/off hp, energy, and endurance text until I can find another way to do it. Sorry.
* Fixed incorrect dot numbers showing
* Added new Add-Targets Windows.
* Added Horizontal Group Option for New Group Windows.
* Lowered Some Of The Targeting Lag A Bit.
* Fixed Lag With Several Different Aspects of the UI.

Version 1.50b < Released Internally >
* Made a separate window for Currently Casting Spell for Mob, also added spell name to it.
* Fixed Flexbar buttons being able to be moved at all times.
* Fixed Flexbar-Combat buttons being able to be moved at all times.
* Made background of bars a bit more visible.
* Fixed issues with Shift+1/2/3 for switching main hotbar.
* Added ability to turn HP, Energy, and Endurance text off for PlayerStatus frame.

Version 1.50a < Released Internally >
* Completely new PlayerStatus, Target, and Group windows, some may like, some may not, may go back to original ones I used :P
* FlexBar type buttons have been added, you will have 20 InCombat buttons, 20 Out-Of-Combat Buttons, and 20 Always-Up Buttons.
* Flexbar buttons have a settings GUI.
(Note: InCombat, and Out-Of-Combat, buttons do not have a GUI, and cannot due to restrictions via Vanguard)
* Flexbar buttons have a background that can be turned on to see where they are when setting up hotkeys, this is different from Layout mode, in layout mode you are unable to touch the hotkey itself, just move it, so you are not able to add/remove abilities.
* Map now has chunk lines on it
* Removed Total EXP on top bar (no longer needed), added # of Guild Members Online
* Made the names of windows in layout mode make a lot more sense.
* Removed HP Bar Fading Based On HP, now the % only changes colors, but I have noticed this reducing the lag a bit more, so its a bonus. Bars may be re-added later on once performance issues ingame are fixed (SOE's job now)
* Removed Maintained Abilities Window, added mini-icon to PlayerStatus frame.

Version 1.45b < Never released to public >
* Release corpse window is movable.
* Increased Number of Items That Show While Looting
* Added in Combat Text Over Player Window
* Added Diplomacy Exp Bar Into Top Bar

Version 1.45 < 04-25-07 @ 6:00 P.M. EST >
* Fixed for Virtue Type Points.
* Changed way for groups to show.
Now edit your index.ini file to exclude any aX_UnitFrames-Groups files that you are not using to decrease ingame lag.*

Version 1.44 < 04-19-07 @ 7:51 P.M. EST >
* Activating items will use new cast bars.
* Cast Bar, breath bar, and activating abilities bar, will now be movable in layout mode only.
* Hotkeys can be bound (for real this time)
* Default Layout #1 Added (For Real this time too. I wonder what I did in 1.43?)
* Casting bar shows countdown instead of countup.
* Added N52 Support
* Added ExpandedRefiningTaskWindow
* Allowed more work orders to be shown at once.
* Player's HP Bar will fade based on hp.
* Defensive Targets HP Bar Will Fade Based On HP.
* Targets HP Bar Will Fade Based On HP
* Group Members HP Bars WILL NOT fade based on HP until Sigil fixes the problems that are causing ungodly amounts of lag with these
* Virtue/BloodUnion/Combo/Whatever points you call them, meter can be moved in layout mode (must have atleast 1 point to be able to move it though)
* Chat Window Settings Bug Fixed (Bug Caused By Sigils Patch of 4-18-07)

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