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Name: Celesta   Popular!
Date: 03-16-2007 11:49 PM
Size: 219.33 Kb
Version: 1.3
Rate Addon: 5 out of 5 with 2 votes  
Based off the Celesta Dashboard, I have also added the VGInfo Panel with an additional 23 new plug ins, an updated player window, diplomacy card window, crafting window, quest window, work order window, and xp bar. Most of these window mods were the work of other authors so Please read the "credit's" text file attached. My intention was to skin all these windows myself but I didn't feel like redoing the same work another author had already done, so I requested permission from each and here is the end result. I hope you like it. I have also included a User.ini file and a CustomPOINames.txt file, simply place these files in your ..\vanguar\bin folder for more than 1500 points of intrest to be added to your maps as well as the ability to set keybindings to the new hotkeys.

V 1.2: added the new Celesta Craft window.
V 1.3: re-added the user.ini file to allow key bindings

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03-16-2007 02:27 AM
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5 out of 5 with 2 votes
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Old 04-23-2007, 05:58 PM  
Junior Member

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Celesta UI

Hiya, great UI, have 7 people in my guild all using it, but all of us are having the same three problems :

1. As previously posted by several others. The crafting Toolbelts are not accessible from the Equipment screen. They are fine in the Crafting Window, but I can't put upgraded tools in my Toolbelts becasue I can't access them in my Equipment and Character Sheet / Crafting / Equipment window.

2. All seven of us don't display a Breath metre when underwater. Took three or four deaths by drowning to understand that one. The metre is not hidden behind any other window, we've checked, and none of us have had this metre display since loading Celesta.

3. The xp Toolbar is great for checking percentage xp in all four spheres, however, again, all of us have the same problem. We have all set up our xp bar at the top of the screen, and have saved the profile in the quick UI load. Whenever we log in a character, that xp bar has moved down and to the left of the screen. Each time we log into the game, or change character, we have to move the xp bar back to where we want it.

Other than those three problems, UI works great. Hope you are still supporting the UI and can look at remedying the problems, we really like using the UI but our xml skills are no where near good enough to sort out the problems ourselves.

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Old 04-01-2007, 08:59 PM  
Junior Member

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UI broken, current the crafting tool belts do not display in game allowing users to not be able to craft, there are a few other minor problems though I hope that the author is still supporting his project.
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Old 03-26-2007, 09:29 PM  
Junior Member

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After dl'n and installing your UI I can't run VG now.

After I find out exactly what the problem is I will repost, but all I know now is that I have ran the last month fine, no problems at all in VG, and now it wont run at all.
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Old 03-17-2007, 07:22 AM  
Junior Member

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hiya i cant find a feedback or bugged post for this ui so gonna have to stick this here

firstly i have to say great ui and thankee but i have two problems that i was hoping you could help with

1) i am unable to use any crafting actions without /reloadui before every craft which is becoming tiresome as i know it should work how you wrote it and cant find why it isn't

2) i am unable to access my crafting tool belts from within the character/equipment window , not sure why but they are all grayed out , they appear fine in the crafting window during a craft but its impossible to change out my tools or even the tool belts themselves at the moment

sorry to be a pain and hope you can help

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