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Interface Information
How do I install this? (FAQ)
Name: ByrinGold
Date: 07-16-2008 10:28 AM
Size: 10.40 MB
Version: 1c
Rate Addon: 5 out of 5 with 2 votes  
Patch & Add-on List
File Name
5.56 MB
08-21-2008 10:38 AM
5.53 MB
08-21-2008 10:31 AM
5.61 MB
08-21-2008 10:28 AM
5.55 MB
08-20-2008 10:25 PM
5.66 MB
08-20-2008 10:16 PM
Crafting System in Byrin UI
Byrin Small Rift Windows
ByrinGold is a heavy modification of the default UI, notably-
  • Crafting bag and diplo bag added to the inventory bar
  • Moved controls to the main menu (accessed with esc key)
  • Added Group Member Hotbars with toggle in main menu
  • Vertical scrolling Buff Windows with text (resizable to show / not show text)
  • Experience bar moved to player status window
  • Exp bar and level display shows current sphere
  • Outfit changing buttons added to player status
  • Moved lag meter to player status as a dot
  • Modified group and raid windows
  • Low profile defense target window
  • HUD style offensive target display
  • Added mini player status
  • Pet Status separated from player status
  • Reduced Icon size for hotbars, stances, reactions, bags, and pet commands
  • Many windows given a more transparent style
  • Modified version of CoreFlashCraft with Maddycraft table setup
First Time Installation Steps
1. Download the
2. Open the zip file and copy the Byrin folder and its contents to:
C:\Program Files\Sony\Vanguard\VGUIAssets\Shells
3. Open the vgclient.ini file found in:
C:\Program Files\Sony\Vanguard\bin
4. In the [UI] section change the ShellName to (or add it)
5. Copy the files from the Byrin\bin folder to:
C:\Program Files\Sony\Vanguard\bin
6. Start up Vanguard.
7. Type chat window "/uiload 1024" for 1024x, OR "/uiload 1280" for a 1280x, OR "/uiload 1600" for a 1600x rez layout (if you use 1024x768 rez you can simply click the load button on the main menu if you have copied the files from ../Byrin/bin to ../Vanguard/bin)
Update Installation Steps
1. Download the
2. Delete your current Byrin folder from the Shells folder.
3. Open the zip file and copy the Byrin folder and its contents to:
C:\Program Files\Sony\Vanguard\VGUIAssets\Shells
4. Copy the user.ini file from the Byrin folder to:
C:\Program Files\Sony\Vanguard\bin

Notes about the Key Mappings
The user.ini file is needed to enable all the additional key mappings
supported by the Byrin mod. Important key combos follow-

# = Main hotbar
Ctrl-# = Horizontal Hotbar 2
Alt-# = Horizontal Hotbar 3
Shift-# = Main Hotbar Bank #
Ctrl-Shift-# = Hotbar 2 Bank #

Instructions for use
To make macros that choose a recipe (skip this if you already know):
Right-click on one of the 20 slots to open the macro editor.
Title your recipe (short titles work best).
In the macro commands area, use Code:
/refinesetrecipe "Full Name of the Recipe You Want"
Do include the quotes, and type the recipe name exactly as it appears in your recipe book, including capitalization, punctuation and spaces. If you want the words you typed in the title above to show in the button instead of the icon, check the "Text-only macro" check box and click create button.
To duplicate a macro:
If you use this mod, this is a skill you're going to want to learn. To duplicate a macro, right click on the macro to open the edit window. With the edit window open, drag the macro button from it's current slot on the hotbar to any unused slot. Then click the "Create" button in the edit window.

Table-Setup: Useable Item List redone to show more items at once.
Table-Setup: Switch to Text-Only-Mode to see even more items!
Table-Setup: You can place 12 Text-Macros with /refineadditem "xxx" entries. Example:
/refineadditem "Water"
/refineadditem "Adhesive"
/refineadditem "Bandages"
-if you put the above 3 lines in a macro and label it something like Common (be sure to use text only mode) you can click that button to add a stack of each of the 3 items to you table, great time and click saver.
Group Member Hotbars
This is a great little set of hotbars I adapted from the core group window. It is toggable from the main menu and can be resize to show up to a whole back of hot keys in six rows. Each row corresponds to 1-6 of the group members, row 1 always being yourself, 2 being group member 1, etc. Each row had built in target command to target the corresponding group member before executing what ever macro, spell, ability, etc you put the slots. Super tool for healing and buffing, and defending.
Byrin Effect Windows
Your beneficial effects window will scroll vertically down, you can resize the window to show only time and icon. NOTE- the window will not resize automatically, any buffs below the bottom of the window will not be displayed, resize accordingly.
(NOTE: if you want you timers to refresh normally and don't mind the buffs below the bottom of buff window not being displayed when list is too long, the you can edit the ByrinSpellEffects.xml file and common out the scrolling beneficial effect window and uncomment the original beneficial effects window.)
Your harmful effects window will scroll vertically up from a position around 400px down from top of the window, and will display about 15 negative effects before running out of room. NOTE- to resize this window it's helpful to log on to a bard character and start a song (for some reason bard songs are displayed here, it's a default thing), that will show you the first slot in the list, then resize accordingly.

Core - Used some of the windows, and crafting code from the Core3 UI
Maddycraft - Used maddy table set up which also includes Mothers crafting hotbar
FOZZIK - Used small diplo card strategy window
Infomap - Used Infomap 1.8 modified with my Small Riftways
Archive List (Old Versions)
File Name
43.93 MB
07-01-2008 11:55 AM
11.03 MB
06-16-2008 01:06 AM
File Statistics
User Rating:
5 out of 5 with 2 votes
Downloads: 520
Views: 5876
Favorites: 2
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Last Modified: 08-26-2008 12:17 PM by Byrin    

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Old 12-09-2008, 10:09 AM  
Junior Member
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

Forum posts: 7
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Uploads: 9
Needs updated

Sorry I have not updated my UI for the new version of the game because I am no longer playing VG.

If anyone is intrested in updating the UI they have my permission.
Byrin is offline Report comment to moderator   Reply With Quote Reply With Quote
Old 09-02-2008, 04:40 PM  
Junior Member
Slyde's Avatar
Interface Author - Click to view interfaces

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Hi Byrin, I sent you a PM several weeks ago.

With your permission, I'd like to add Byrin Gold to CustomUI.

CustomUI currently includes all the components from Drox, Darker, Core, and myUI.

With the next version, I plan to add ManicUI and, with your permission, Byrin Gold.

Also, I didn't see this mentioned in your update notes, have you replaced all uses of the /showwindow, /hidewindow, and /togglewindow commands ?

They will not work with GU6.

Last edited by Slyde : 09-02-2008 at 04:43 PM.
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